Events - African Fighting Championship
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For the 1st time in South African History a 24hr MMA reality show will be coming to our screens !


The exciting opening season of The African Fighter will follow 20 selected professional MMA fighters as they go through their various training camps in order to prepare for the biggest day and event of their lives leading up to the well anticipated inaugural event


AFC 1 will launch on 28 October 2017


10 Professional Interim title belts will be up for grabs at AFC 1




– Flyweight                           56.7 kg
– Bantamweight                  61.2 kg




– Bantamweight                 61.2 kg
– Featherweight                 65.8 kg
– Lightweight                       70.3 kg
– Welterweight                    77.1 kg
– Middleweight                    83.9 kg
– Light Heavyweight           93.0 kg
– Heavyweight                   120.2 kg


– The African Fighter Season 1 winner Title
10 Title fights in one spectacular event at AFC 1 – 10 Champions will be crowned!
Apply now and stand a chance to take part and star in the opening season of The African Fighter where you will compete for gold at what will be the most exciting and greatest event to ever hit the African continent