About - African Fighting Championship
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African Fighting Championship (Pty) Ltd
Africa’s greatest MMA Organization
The sport of MMA has quickly become the fastest growing sport worldwide and AFC is dedicated and committed to the development and promotion of the sport in the whole of Africa
Based in Cape Town with MMA events hosted throughout Africa we aim in growing the sport by catering for all ages and groups with passion wanting to join the exciting sport of MMA in Africa
AFC – Active Gyms
AFC Active Gyms will be opening nationwide branches – Coming to a city near you!
Professionally skilled coaches and trainers dedicated and committed to the development of MMA at your access and caters for training on all ages and groups within the industry
  • Junior Boys & Girls MMA Training & Competitions
  • Amateur Women MMA
  • Amateur Men MMA
  • Pro Women MMA
  • Pro Men MMA
Sign up online or at your nearest AFC Active Gym opening soon and start your great new adventure in the exciting world of Mixed Martial Arts
Your talents, focus and health will be lifted to a whole new and greater level!
AFC Active Gym – The next generation of perfection
Exclusive partnership / joint venture opportunities
Enquire now on how to become an official AFC Active Gym owner/partner